5 Highly Effective Video Marketing Strategies

Looking to gain more results from your marketing videos? While video marketing can be extremely effective, if they’re not done correctly, they’re unlikely to produce little, if any, results.
Here, you’ll discover 5 highly effective video marketing strategies to ensure your future videos are a success.

  1. Tap into psychological factors
    If you take a look at some of the most successful marketing videos, you’ll discover they work so well because they tap into psychological factors.
    Storytelling has become particularly important in the world of video marketing; persuading viewers to make a purchase based upon a psychological investment or response. The video should evoke some form of emotional response such as joy, sadness or laughter.
  2. Choose the best content for your videos
    Of course, another thing which is going to greatly impact the success of your videos, is the content. It’s extremely important you avoid making the videos too promotional. It’s also equally important to alter the content based upon the channel you’ll be using to promote the video.
    Did you know for example, that Facebook videos tend to be emotional, fun and highly-sharable, whereas Instagram content is typically thoughtful, captivating and inspiring? . Ensuring you create content which is tailored to your specific marketing channel will make a huge difference to how successful it becomes.
  3. Write solid video scripts
    Following on from the last point, creating a solid video script is key to effective video marketing.
    Start by thinking about your goals for the video. Who is your audience and why would they care about the content? Remember, the opening of the video has to tug on the viewer’s emotions to get them hooked. It’s also highly recommended you create a script focusing on one point at a time, so the viewer isn’t easily confused.
    Keep the script short and concise and remember to add a call to action at the end of the video.
  4. Produce high-quality videos
    This goes without saying but ensuring the videos you produce are high-quality is essential. Although you don’t necessarily need an expensive camera and lighting equipment, you should make sure the video is clear, has excellent sound and is enjoyable to watch. You have a lot of competition online, so making sure your videos stand out and provide awesome quality is essential.
  5. Use local SEO tactics for more visibility
    It’s easy to forget SEO is important with videos too. Using local SEO will guarantee more visibility and therefore more potential conversions. You can add local SEO tags to the video’s title and its description.
    To be sure you’re using the best keywords, take advantage of free keyword research tools.
    These are just 5 highly-effective video marketing strategies you can follow. Need more help? Contact me today and see how your video marketing strategy could be improved.

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