Why Videos Can Drive More Traffic to Your Local Website

Did you know the key to driving more traffic to your local website could be the use of videos?
Video marketing has proven to be an extremely useful tool to help boost website traffic. In fact, it’s been proven through research, that provided they have been properly optimized, videos can increase the chances of your website appearing on the first page of Google results, by as much as 50% .
Here, you’ll discover why videos can drive more traffic to your local website.

Improves search engine rankings
Search engines look for numerous things when determining where to rank each website. It turns out, videos can make a massive difference to where your company ranks. Provided you’ve utilized local SEO terms in your video’s title and description, you’ll be more likely to show up on the first page of Google.
This is because search engines such as Google, pay attention to what consumers want. Videos have become highly respected, with research proving they generate much more interest than written content. So, provided you optimize the video for local SEO, it’s going to drive significantly more traffic to your website.
Giving consumers what they want
The fact that videos are what consumers want these days is definitely something you should be paying attention to. Publishing high-quality, relevant and useful videos will generate a lot more attention than publishing lots of informative articles for example.
By giving consumers what they want, you’ll find your website traffic increases dramatically. Of course, it does mean you will need to do your research to ensure the video content you produce is what your target audience needs.
Delivering better connections
Videos really help you to connect with your audience. It is this connection which drives more traffic to your site. It takes a lot to really impress potential customers these days; especially due to how much competition you face online.
The right videos can help you to connect with your viewers, helping to in turn build up trust and brand loyalty. Videos connect far more deeply and effectively than written content, so it makes sense to take advantage of this by releasing regular, useful, engaging videos.
Overall, more consumers than ever before are starting to turn to the internet to discover local businesses. They specifically often look for videos, rather than written content. So, ensuring you produce awesome locally optimized videos will ultimately help you to attract a lot more traffic to your local website.

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